Setting up Push 2 (Mac)

Follow the steps in this guide to connect Push 2 with Ableton Live on macOS. Before connecting Push, make sure to install the latest available update to your version of Live. 

When you connect Push 2 with your Mac and open Live 12 or Live 11, Live automatically configures the correct MIDI preferences for Push 2. You can start playing Push 2 without manually changing any MIDI preferences in Live.

For connection tips, troubleshooting, and details about custom options, follow the steps below for your installed version of Live. Push 2 requires Live 9.5 or later.  

Connecting Push 2

Push 2 setup in Live 12

Push 2 setup in Live 11 and earlier

Custom mapping in User Mode
Push 2 firmware update
Troubleshooting Push 2 connection

Connecting Push 2

When connecting Push 2 with any version of Live, follow these recommendations:

  • Connect Push 2 directly to a USB port on your computer rather than through a hub.
  • If a hub is necessary, use a powered hub. Use the original power supply provided by the hub's manufacturer.
  • Use the original USB cable included with your Push 2.
  • For maximum display and pad brightness, power Push 2 with the original AC adapter.
  • To turn on Push, press the power switch located on the back panel behind the master volume knob.

Push 2 setup in Live 12

In Live 12, MIDI preferences are configured automatically when Push 2 is connected. It is not necessary to manually select Push 2 Control Surface, Input, or Output in Live’s MIDI preferences. 

Note: Manually adding Push 2 as a MIDI Control Surface in Live 12 may cause connection issues.

When configured automatically by Live, Push 2 can be used as a Control Surface even though it is not shown in MIDI preferences. The Control Surface section will appear as pictured here:


Troubleshooting Push 2 connection in Live 12

If Push 2 fails to connect with Live 12, or if you have previously configured your MIDI preferences in earlier versions of Live, follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Connect Push to your computer and switch it on.
  2. Open Live.
  3. Go to Live’s Preferences > Link, Tempo & MIDI Tab > MIDI section
  4. Under Control Surface, Input, and Output, completely remove Push 2 or Ableton Push 2 from all dropdown selection menus. Set these to None.

  5. Restart Live.

Legacy Push 2 Setup Mode in Live 12

If resetting the MIDI preferences does not allow Push 2 to connect, you can configure Live 12 to use the legacy setup mode. To do this, install the following Options.txt command:


For how to create an Options.txt file, follow this guide: Options.txt file.

Once this command has been added to your Options.txt file, restart Live and open the MIDI Preferences to use the legacy Push setup mode.

Push 2 setup in Live 11 and earlier

  1. Connect Push 2 with your computer and switch it on.
  2. Launch Live.

As soon Live is opened while Push 2 is connected to your computer and detected by macOS, the correct MIDI Control Surface preferences will be automatically configured in Live. They should appear as pictured here:


Custom mapping in User Mode

By default, Push 2 is configured as a Control Surface with automatic mappings in Live. If you want to create custom mappings with Push while in User mode, you need to manually configure the User Port. To learn more, visit the guide to User Mode

Push 2 firmware update

If a firmware update is available for Push 2, this will be installed automatically once Push is connected to your computer and Live is opened. When complete, Push’s display will prompt you to restart the device.

Note: Firmware will only be updated if Push 2 is correctly configured as described above. 

Troubleshooting Push 2 connection

If Push 2 fails to connect or doesn't work as expected, follow these steps:

1. Check or adjust your MIDI preferences

If you would like to reset all of Live's preferences to the defaults, including MIDI preferences, you can follow the steps in this guide to reset Live.

2. Test your connections

  • Check whether your Mac detects that Push 2 is connected, by visiting macOS
    System Report/System Profile.
  • Try a different USB port on your computer. Remove any hubs or adapters and connect Push directly to your computer. 
  • Use the USB cable provided with Push. Other USB cables may not fit correctly into the Push 2 USB port housing. If the original cable is not available or isn't working, try using a different cable that's new or that you've tested with another device. 
  • Make sure the USB cable is fully inserted into your Push 2. It requires a firm press to properly connect. If the USB cable cannot be inserted fully, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean out the USB port.
  • To test the USB connection, unplug the AC adapter from Push and check whether it's receiving power from your computer via USB.

3. Check the dedicated articles below to troubleshoot these specific issues:

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