Live Upgrade FAQ

Are upgrades free?
Upgrading to a newer version of Ableton Live, e.g. from Live 11 to Live 12, or to a higher edition, e.g. from Intro to Standard or Suite, is a paid upgrade. Installing updates to your current Live version, e.g. updating from Live 11.2 to Live 11.3, is free.

Can I upgrade with discounted pricing?
If you already own a Live license, you are automatically eligible for discounted upgrade pricing. Our webshop calculates your personal upgrade options based on the Live license registered in your account.

How can I upgrade my Live license?
To upgrade, log into your user account and then go to the webshop. Here you'll find your upgrade options based on your current license, as well as a way to purchase the upgrade.

I can't find my serial number, how can I upgrade?
As long as your Live serial is registered to your account, you can access the discounted upgrades in the webshop. View this article if your serial number is missing or isn't registered.

Can I upgrade with an educational discount?
We do not offer an additional EDU discount on upgrades. However, educational licenses can be upgraded at regular discounted pricing.

Is there an upgrade option for Push?
Discounted upgrades are only available for Ableton Live, not for Push.

Will my Max for Live license be available if I upgrade to a new version of Live?
If you have a Live Standard license combined with a standalone Max for Live license, and want to upgrade to a newer version of Live Standard, your Max for Live serial will still work with both versions.

Will my instrument add-ons and Packs work if I upgrade to a new version of Live?
Live instrument add-ons and Packs will continue to work after upgrading Live. To access Live instrument add-ons, you will need to re-authorize Live. Make sure Packs are updated to the latest version. To access older Pack content, follow the steps on Installing older Live Packs in newer Live versions.

Will my settings stay in place after upgrading to a new version of Live?
Upgrading the Live Application is not expected to change your previously saved preferences and settings. 

Do I need to install my old version of Live before upgrading?
Once you've purchased an upgrade, you can download the latest Live installer from your account, regardless of whether previous versions are installed.

Can I transfer my old license to someone else after upgrading?
You may not transfer an older version of Live which has been upgraded, unless you wish to transfer the complete license (including all upgrades).

If you previously owned licenses for any add-on components and then upgraded to Suite, you can no longer transfer them separately, as they have been absorbed into your Suite license.

Non-Suite add-ons such as the Ableton Partner Instruments and third party Packs can be transferred separately.

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