"The folder cannot be created"/ "The file cannot be created"

To troubleshoot the most common causes for the following error messages in Ableton Live, follow the steps listed below:

  • The folder "[Foldername]" in "[Filepath]" cannot be created.
  • The file "[Filename]" in "[Filepath]" cannot be created.

1. Folder permissions are set to read-only

To make sure Live is permitted to create and save files, follow the steps here on how to enable full read/write permissions on your computer.

2. Antivirus software is blocking Live from saving or creating files

If you use antivirus software like Bitdefender or Windows Defender, Ableton Live may need to be added to the "safe applications" list in order to save files to certain folders. Visit the support page for your specific antivirus software to learn how to add applications to the safe list. 

3. Live's preferences need to be reset to default

If you see the following error message while Live is launching:

  • The folder "Decoding" in "[Filepath]" cannot be created.

Live's preferences may have been corrupted. Follow the linked instructions on how to reset Ableton Live to restore Live's default settings.

4. The file path contains more than 260 characters

On Windows, this error can occur if the file name and its directory route contain more than 260 characters. You can change this limitation by enabling NTFS long paths.

Note: Make sure you have installed all available Windows system updates.  

  • Press the Window key and type gpedit.msc, then press the Enter key. This launches the Local Group Policy Editor.
  • Navigate to Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Filesystem
  • Double click Enable Win32 long paths.
  • Select Enabled, then click OK.

This can also be fixed by choosing a shorter file name and/or moving the project to a simpler or shorter path, with fewer enclosing folders. To avoid missing files, follow the recommendations for Saving Projects in Ableton Live. 

Ableton offers these in-depth help and learning resources: