License FAQ

What is your license policy?

Each Live license is intended for a single user; it is registered to one person and covers the use of the software on two computers owned by the license holder.

Please read our license policy for further details.

How can I register a serial number?

Follow these instructions for serial registration. 

What can I do if my serial number will not register?

Refer to this article for troubleshooting serial registration problems.

How can I transfer my license to another person?

You can transfer your Live license to another person directly from your user account.

Can I  transfer my old license to someone else now that I've upgraded?

You may not transfer an older version of Live which has been upgraded, unless you wish to transfer the complete license (including all upgrades).

If you previously owned licenses for any add-on components and then upgraded to Suite, you can no longer transfer them separately, as they have been absorbed into your Suite license.

Non-Suite add-ons such as the Ableton Partner Instruments and third party packs can be transferred separately.

How many computers can I install Live on?

You get two authorizations for two computers when you register your product.

To view instructions on how to install Live onto a new computer, follow these steps

Buying and selling Push second-hand

Find out the details for transferring a Push license to a new user.

Can I use the sounds, samples, and presets in Live for my own music?

The content in Live's Core Library is royalty free. For details on licensing and copyright, view our article on Commercial Use

Ableton offers these in-depth help and learning resources: