"There was an error when closing the file" (Win)

  • Live Versions: Live 9 - 10
  • Operating System: Windows

Live Projects stored in a shared network folder or Dropbox folder can't be saved and an error message reads that this file couldn't be closed:


The instant syncing prevents the correct saving (overwriting) of the Live Set (.als file). Dropbox syncing can be paused temporarily and the Live Set could be overwritten in the Dropbox folder. Later, the syncing can be resumed and the changed files get properly uploaded.

This error appears on Windows computers only when saving (overwriting) an already existing Live Set (.als file). If you don't want to pause syncing but need instant uploading, e.g. when backing up critical projects, just use Save Live Set As... from the File menu and save your changes with a new file name, instead of overwriting the existing document.