"Media files are missing"

  • Live Versions: 6-10
  • Operating System: All

Live saves a reference to any used media file's location in each set, but doesn't actually copy those files into the project unless you specifically "Collect all and Save" your projects. Read our guide to transferring projects to another computer or user.

Here are the most common reasons you might get a "Media Files are missing" error message:

  • The Project has been transferred to another computer without collecting the samples first.
  • The media files have been deleted or moved.
  • The media files are located on an external hard-drive which is currently not connected, or has changed name/letter assignment.
  • If using a cloud storage provider, the media files are stored in the cloud only.
  • Live has been upgraded and the previous version uninstalled including version-specific Core Library content.


How to locate and replace missing media files

Missing media files can be located and replaced using the file manager. See detailed instructions in our article: How to locate and replace missing media files.

"Media Files are missing" when using Cloud Storage

ICloud Optimized Storage: The Optimized Storage feature in iCloud Drive deletes older files from the Desktop and Documents folders when storage is low, which includes Live documents and media files if you have saved them there. If you have saved media files or Live documents to either of these folders and if they get deleted automatically then Live will not be able to locate the missing media files.

There are a few ways around this:

  1. Re-download the deleted files from iCloud Drive, then turn off Optimized Storage
  2. Re-download the deleted files from iCloud Drive, then move them to your Music folder (or any location other than Desktop or Documents)
  3. Re-download the deleted files from iCloud Drive, then turn off Desktop and Documents from iCloud drive

OneDrive Files on Demand: The Files on Demand feature in OneDrive stores references to files on your computer, while the actual file itself resides in the cloud. Media files need to be located locally on your computer in order for Live to find them. Make sure that "Always keep on device" is selected, to store the media file locally at all times.

Core Library content differences between different versions of Live

The Core Library content is different between Live Lite/Intro and Standard/Suite, likewise each new major release version of Live has new Core Library content. Therefore if you've upgraded and have uninstalled the previous version, you might be missing files in your existing projects. Here's how to restore the missing content.

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