Metal-based GPU Rendering in Live 11.2 on macOS

  • Live Versions: 11.2 and later
  • Operating System: macOS

Live 11.2 brings Metal-based graphics rendering by default to macOS users. This means Live will use the computer’s GPU (graphics processing unit) to handle Live’s visual interface. 

The Metal renderer improves performance by increasing the rate at which Live's UI is updated, and/or reducing the amount of power used in the process. 

In rare cases, users running into graphics issues may need to disable this feature. An option is available to disable Metal-based rendering in Live 11.2 on macOS. For how to manage this feature, follow this guide to Live’s Options.txt file.

  • To disable Metal-based GPU rendering and fall back to the legacy rendering process, insert the option: -DisableGraphicsHardwareAcceleration.


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