Authorizing Live Offline

For Ableton Live versions 5 and and later, if you cannot successfully authorize online, if your computer is not connected to the internet, or if you're trying to authorize an older version of Live (versions 4 - 9), you can follow these steps to authorize Live offline:

1. Install Live on the computer you wish to use it on.

2. When Live starts, in the authorization dialog, choose No Internet on this computer.

3. The next window will display your computer's hardware code and further information regarding the offline authorization process:

4. Make note of the hardware code. You'll need to enter this number in your account. You can also press Save to export this information as a text file for later reference.

5. On an internet-connected computer, log in to your Ableton user account. Note that you don't necessarily need to use a second computer to authorize offline. This can be performed on the same computer, as long as it has an internet connection.

6. Once logged in, select your Live license from the list and click offline authorization.

If your license contains an upgrade, only the highest version included in your license will be shown in the dropdown menu. Select this even if you wish to authorize a previous version. For example, if your license includes both Live 11 and Live 12, the dropdown menu will display Live 12.

To see earlier Live versions associated with a license that has been upgraded, choose the relevant license from the dropdown menu and click View serial numbers.


Note: If you purchased Live without owning earlier versions of Live and you need to authorize a previous version for compatibility with an older operating system or computer, you can contact Support for options to access previous versions.

7. Enter your hardware code from Live and click "Download." The Ableton server will generate an authorization (.auz) file for the computer you want to authorize.


7a. If using an offline machine, you can save the authorization file to your portable storage device and bring it back to the computer where Live is installed.

8. Open Live and double click the .auz file or drag it onto the authorization dialog.

If you need to find your hardware code again, the offline authorization dialog can also be found in Live's Preferences  > Licenses / Maintenance or Licenses & Updates tab:


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