Push 1 reads "Please start Live to play"

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

To be able to use Push 1 you need Live 9 or higher, it will not work with earlier versions of Live.

The first step is to make sure that Push 1 is connected directly to a USB port on your computer, and not a USB hub. Please also make sure to not use a USB extension. You should have the AC adapter plugged in, however for the purpose of testing, please also try it without the adapter at a later stage.

First, open Live's Preferences → Link / MIDI preferences and under the Control Surfaces drop-down menu, select "None" for Push 1.

Then re-select Push 1, as this will re-start the Control Scripts that Push 1 requires to run. 

If restarting the scripts does not solve it, there could be some preferences that are conflicting, and you can try to reset these by following our guide to resetting Live's preferences. 

Next, if after the above steps Push is still not recognized we may have to take a closer look at the operating system settings. 

Mac OSX:

Please navigate to:

Apple → About This Mac → More Info → System Report →  USB.  

If Push is being picked up by the operating system it should be listed there. 

If so, please then navigate to:

Mac HD →  Applications →  Utilities →  Audio MIDI Setup → Window →  Show Midi Window →  New Configuration:


New Configuration

Follow the steps to add Push as a new MIDI device. 

PC / Windows:

Please navigate to:

Windows Button → Control Panel → System → Device Manager → Sound, Video and Game Controllers.


Device Manager

A successfully connected Push 1, will show up as Ableton Push. If Push 1 is listed there, but the icon displays a yellow warning, please:

  • turn off Push 1
  • right-click Ableton Push
  • select Uninstall to remove the broken driver.
  • restart your computer
  • turn on Push 1.

If Push 1 is not detected by your operating system after completing these steps, then please: 

  • Test a different USB cable in case the one you are using has become damaged (70-200mm length is recommended).
  • Disconnect all other USB devices for trouble-shooting purposes. 
  • Try all USB ports on your computer.
  • Test Push 1 on another computer.

Finally, in the event that Push still will not connect, please contact our Technical Support with a detailed description of your findings from the steps above along with a Live Status Report attached to your email. 

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