Transaction declined in webshop

If you receive an error when trying to order or cannot complete a purchase, please take a look at the following common issues and suggestions:

Our payment system will automatically prevent multiple purchase attempts, so please check your details first before trying to order again.

International restrictions for users outside of Germany
The Ableton webshop is based in Berlin, Germany. Some credit card companies in different countries may flag the transaction as an international risk and not authorize the purchase.

In this situation, you can call your bank to pre-authorize the payment for Ableton AG in Germany.

You can also use an alternative payment method such as PayPal, though we still recommend pre-authorizing first if you want to try the same card.

Mismatched billing details
Be sure that all of your entered information matches what your financial institution has on file.

If using a VPN service, switch this off temporarily so that the IP address matches the card's country of issue.

Browser or website issues
For quick and easy processing in the webshop, we recommend using Firefox or Chrome during checkout.

Failed payment with PayPal
If you received an order confirmation email from PayPal but did not from Ableton, read through this article for further details.

Ableton offers these in-depth help and learning resources: