Automatic Updates

By default, Ableton Live is set to install updates to your current version of Live automatically. This allows Live's performance to benefit from bug fixes and other improvements.

In some cases, a manual update is needed, including:

  • Push 3 on Windows
    To install Push 3 drivers, install the current version of Live manually from your Ableton account. If Live 11.3.x is installed via auto-update, the Push 3 drivers may not be installed.
  • Updating Live 11.0
    From Live 11.0.12, the update to Live 11.1 or later must be installed manually. For more information, see How to update to Live 11. Automatic updates will resume after updating to Live 11.1 or later.

To manage Automatic Updates, open Live's PreferencesLicenses/Maintenance, or Licenses & Updates as of Live 12. Under MaintenanceGet Automatic Updates, the dropdown menu can be set to Always, Ask Me, or Never.

  • If set to Always, the latest release will be installed when it becomes available.
  • If set to Ask Me, you will be prompted to update when a new version is released.
  • If set to Never, updates will not automatically download, and you will not be notified of new releases.


If Automatic Updates are set to Always, or if you agree when prompted via Ask Me, available updates will download when Live is opened and an internet connection is active. After an update is installed, changes will not take effect until the Live application is restarted. The updated version will open the next time Live is launched.

If Automatic Updates are not working as expected, or if you encounter an error message, see Troubleshooting Automatic Updates.

For information on updating Packs, see Managing Packs.

Third-party plug-ins, software, and devices must be updated separately, per the manufacturer's instructions. For more information, see Using VST plug-ins on Windows or Using AU and VST plug-ins on Mac.


Ableton offers these in-depth help and learning resources: