EDU Order & Verification Guide

1. Check your EDU eligibility

You are eligible for an educational discount if you are:

  • currently enrolled in full time educational studies and are age 18, or of legal age according to your country's laws.
  • currently enrolled in a part-time program for at least 20 hours per week or enrolled in a course that lasts 12 months or longer, and are age 18 or of legal age according to your country's laws.
  • currently teaching full-time or part-time at a school or university in any field. Part-time and private teachers must work at least 20 hours per week to qualify.

If you are a full-time or part-time student under the age of 18 or not of legal age according to your country's laws, your parents can purchase an EDU license on your behalf.

If there is ever any disagreement on educational status documents, we offer a full four-week money back guarantee.

2. Order your EDU license

You can purchase your discounted EDU license in our shop.

3. Verify your EDU status

After buying an EDU license, you can upload your verification through your user account. 

We can accept the following documents:

  • A copy of your student or teacher ID, make sure your name and the expiration date are clearly legible.
  • An enrollment letter or employment verification from your school on official letterhead.

The verification process usually takes one business day to complete; after you will receive a confirmation email and your license will be activated and ready to authorize.

Note: You can download Live and run it in demo mode – but you won’t be able to save or export until Live has been fully activated.

4. Install and authorize your EDU software

After the successful verification, you can download the latest version of Live from your user account, then install and authorize the program.

We feel that it is important to support students and teachers, for this reason there aren't any limitations imposed on a license purchased with our educational discount.

The one tradeoff is that the license can only be sold/transferred to students or teachers who meet the eligibility requirements for our educational discount.

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