Live 9 Lite FAQ

  • Live Versions: 9
  • Operating System: All

Live Lite serial is missing or not working

If your Live Lite serial is missing or not working, please refer to this article.

I'm new to Live 9 Lite. How do I download and install Live 9 Lite?

Please refer to the following articles which guide through the process of downloading, installing and authorizing Live 9 Lite on Windows and Mac.

Getting Started.

For information on how to find Live Lite's built-in lessons, click here.

Why do I see a message that says "Saving and exporting are deactivated" when opening a Live Set in Live 9 Lite that was created with an older version of Live Lite?

This is a result of the changed feature set in Live 9 Lite compared to previous versions of Live Lite.

Can I use Live Sets created with Live Lite 8 (or previous) with Live 9 Lite?

Opening Live Sets created with previous versions of Live Lite is not officially supported. 

Can I run Live Lite 8 and Live 9 Lite on the same computer?

Yes. For Live Lite 8 users we recommend to keep Live Lite 8 installed on the computer and to continue working on existing projects in this version of Live. New projects can be started with Live 9 Lite.

If you have a license for Live Lite 8 or (previous), you can download installers for that version of Live Lite from your user account.

What features does Live 9 Lite have?

For further information please check the Live 9 Lite Feature Chart.

How do I find my sounds in the Live 9 Lite browser?

For further information please check the this article.

How do I use Live 9 Lite with ReWire?

To run Live as a ReWire master, first start Live 9 Lite. Once Live is running, start any ReWire slave application like, for example, Propellerhead Reason.

To run Live as a ReWire slave, first start the desired ReWire master application like, for example, Avid Pro Tools. Once the ReWire master is running, start Live 9 Lite.

Further information can be found in the article Using Live and ReWire.

Can I use third-party plug-ins in Live 9 Lite?

Yes, Live 9 Lite supports VST plug-ins (Windows, Mac) as well as Audio Unit (AU) plug-ins (Mac only).

Plug-in support can be enabled in Live's Preferences → File/Folder tab.

How can I access my iTunes Library from the Live 9 Lite browser?

  • Find the iTunes library location:
    • Mac OS X: Open iTunes. Click the iTunes menu and choose Preferences.
    • Windows: Open iTunes. Click the Edit menu and choose Preferences.
    • Click the Advanced pane. iTunes displays the location of your iTunes Media folder. Note down this folder path.
  • Open Live 9 Lite. In the browser side bar under Places click "Add folder." Now, navigate to the iTunes library path and press Enter.