How to access hidden folders

  • Operating System: All

Ableton Live stores and writes important files into certain folders which are usually hidden by default on your operating system. Here's how to access those folders:


In order to temporarily open a hidden folder:

  1. Open File Explorer/Windows Explorer
  2. Type %foldername% into the address bar and hit enter
  3. For example, to open the AppData folder, type %AppData% and hit enter

In order to permanently display all hidden folders:

  1. Open File Explorer/Windows Explorer
  2. Windows 7: Click Organize → Folder and Search Options → View. 
    Windows 10, Windows 8: Click View then select Options
  3. In the Folder Options window, choose View, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives, and then click OK


In order to access the user level Library on Mac ('Macintosh HD/Users/[username]/Library'):

  1. Open Finder
  2. Click "Go" on the menu bar
  3. Press and hold the “option/alt” key
  4. Then click the "Library" shortcut which appears


To access the local level Library (Macintosh HD/Library):

  1. Open Finder
  2. Click "Finder" on the menu bar, then "Preferences"
  3. Go to the "Sidebar" tab
  4. Check "Hard disks" in the "Devices" section.
  5. The "Macintosh HD" shortcut will now appear on the sidebar in finder
  6. Then navigate to Macintosh HD/Library