EDU License FAQ

Am I eligible for the educational discount?

The EDU offer is available for students and teachers who are enrolled or teaching for at least 20+ hours a week. Students must be age 13 or older.

How do I verify my educational status?

After purchasing an EDU license, you'll be prompted to upload your verification document through your account. Students can upload their student ID, acceptance letter, transcript, or class schedule. Educators can upload their teacher/professor ID, course schedule, online faculty directory, or an employment verification letter.

Is there an educational discount for Push or Max for Live?

The EDU offer is available for new licenses of Live Standard or Suite only, and does not apply to hardware or add-ons such as Max for Live.

Educational institutions interested in purchasing several Push units or multi-seat site licenses of Max for Live can request a quote for available pricing. 

Can I upgrade my educational license?

EDU serials can be upgraded at regular discounted pricing. There is not an educational discount available for upgrades.

Does the educational version of Live have the same features as a regular license?

An EDU license has all of the same features as a regular version of Live. 

Can I buy an educational license for another person as a gift?

If you are interested in purchasing an educational license for a family member or friend, make sure they meet the educational requirements. You will need to upload the recipient’s details when verifying the license.

It is not possible to use your own educational documents as verification for another person. 

Is there a discount for non-profits or churches?

Churches and non-profits are not eligible for educational licenses for non-teaching or student purposes. If a church or non-profit wants to use Live in a teaching capacity, they can contact Support for the available options.