How to install Public Beta software on Push 3

Push and Live Public Beta software is available to all owners of Push 3 (standalone) and Push 3 (without a processor.) 

After signing up for the beta program and joining the Push 3 or Live Beta Test community, you’ll need to install firmware onto your Push to access the latest updates. Follow the instructions relevant to your specific Push 3 variant below.

Push 3 (standalone) beta testing

To install the Push Beta software:

  1. Download the current public beta version for Push.
  2. Turn on Push
  3. Connect your computer and Push to the same WiFi network.
  4. On your computer’s web browser, enter http://push.local/update
  5. A code will be displayed on Push’s screen your web browser will then prompt you to enter this code.
  6. Enter the code, press “update,” and select the downloaded .SWU file to be uploaded to Push. 
  7. Push will then reboot to install the firmware.

Note: Make sure Push and your computer both remain powered on until the update is complete. Do not manually turn off Push or your computer during the update process.

After completing the steps above, your Push (standalone) will be running the latest beta version.

Switching Push (standalone) from the beta version to the release version

  1.  Sign into your Ableton account and visit the download archive to download the current public release for Push 3.Push3Release.png
  2. Follow the steps above for Push 3 (standalone) beta testing, starting with Step 2. 

Push 3 (without a processor) beta testing

To join the Live Beta program via our Beta Test Community in Centercode:

  1. Download the latest Live Beta from Centercode
  2. Install Live on your computer
  3. Connect Push to your Computer via USB C cable
  4. Turn Push on
  5. Run the latest Beta 
  6. Push will receive the update from Live and display 'updating Firmware' during the process

Note: The device will update the firmware accordingly when switching between the regular Release or Beta version.

No Sets will be deleted when switching between Beta and release versions.

More information about Live Beta is provided in the article Live Beta FAQ.

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