Live Beta FAQ

Which versions of Live are in beta?

Live 10 and 11 both have active betas.

Can I join the beta?

Owners of Live 11 can join the Live 11 Beta.

Owners of Live 10 can join the Live 10 Beta.

How do I sign up for the beta?

You can sign up for the beta via Centercode.

Where do I download the beta installer?

The beta installer can be downloaded from Centercode from the Downloads tab. It's not possible to download beta versions from your user account.


What are the minimum system requirements for the beta?

The beta system requirements are equivalent to the system requirements of the release version of Live. 

Is the beta stable?

Although beta versions contain bugfixes and other improvements, they have not been tested as thoroughly as official releases. If you do critical studio or performance work, we suggest using the current release version of Live.

Where do I report beta bugs?

All questions about or problems with the beta should be reported in Centercode's Bug Reporting channel. Please do not contact Ableton Support or post beta issues in the Ableton forum.

Where do I add feature suggestions for Live?

If you have suggestions for Live, visit Centercode's Suggestions channel.

What do I have to keep in mind when using the beta?

There are no specific limitations, but usage data collection and automatic updates are always enabled in the beta version. Depending on your license, the beta may come with feature limitations.

Will I be able to use Live Sets created with beta in earlier Live versions?

Live Sets created with the beta cannot be opened in any earlier Live version.

Can I have the release version of Live and the beta installed on the same machine?

Yes, the beta installation is separate from the installation of a release version of Live. 

Why can't I log in to Centercode?

Centercode is a separate site from If you don’t already have a Centercode account, you will need to create one in order to access the beta. 

I can't remember my password for Centercode, what do I do now?

Please use the Lost My Password retrieval function on the log in page.

How do I opt out of the beta?

In Centercode, click the drop-down beside your name on the top right, then go to Account Settings > Opt-Out > Remove your User Account.


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