Purchasing Live as a gift

If you’d like to purchase Live as a gift for a family member or friend, please proceed with the following steps:

  1. Create an Ableton account under your name.
  2. Purchase a Live License at your convenience. Once the transaction has been completed the license can be found under Software in your Ableton account page.
  3. Once you exchange gifts, have the recipient of the Live License create an account..
  4. After, you can submit a license transfer to the recipient directly from your user account.  

If you are purchasing a Live Educational License (view our educational license requirements) you'll be prompted to upload a verification document once the transaction is complete. Please upload one of the following: 

For Students:

Student ID Card
Acceptance Letter
Class Schedule

For Teachers & Faculty:

Teacher ID Card
Proof of employment (anything that helps us link you to your respective institution)
Course Schedule
Class Syllabus
Teacher/Faculty Directory (online)

* If you can't access any of these documents without ruining the surprise, don't worry you can always verify the license after the gift has been revealed.