Buying Live after using the free trial

The free trial is for Suite, which is the full-featured version of Live. You are not automatically charged once the trial expires.

1. Uninstalling Live after your trial expires

Once the trial expires, you can uninstall it:

    • Windows guide: Uninstall "Ableton Live Trial" using Add/Remove Programs.
    • Mac guide: Trash the "Ableton Live Trial" application from the Applications folder in Finder.

2. Buying and Installing Live

Check out our full feature chart detailing the differences between each version of Live (Intro/Standard/Suite) to find out which version is right for you. 

Note: Intro and Standard may not have all of the instruments and effects you used during the trial period.

After purchasing Live, a serial number will be registered to your account. From there, you can download the installer for your new paid version.

As the trial and a paid version of Live have different installers, it is not possible to authorize a trial installation with a purchased Live serial number. 

3. Troubleshooting

Any sets made with the trial can be opened in a purchased version of Live, however, you may receive an error message if you have Intro or Standard and if the set utilizes Suite features.

    • You can freeze and flatten those tracks to bounce them to audio to save them in your new paid installation. 
    • After freezing and flattening, you need to re-authorize Live to enable saving and exporting.
      • Go to Preferences > Licenses/Maintenance > Authorize at
      • Once Live is re-authorized you will be able to save and export normally.
    • If your trial expired and you have an unsaved set in the program itself, there isn't a way to save the file, even if you purchase a serial afterward. For this, we would recommend trying to find a way to record the audio playback from your computer directly and import those new audio stems into a paid version.

Ableton offers these in-depth help and learning resources: