What happens if a Live 8 set is loaded with Live Intro (8)?

  • Live Versions: 8.0 - 8.3.4
  • Operating System: ALL


Live Intro has a smaller feature set than the full version of Live 8. A Set created with Live 8 might load in demo mode or be slightly changed when loaded in Live Intro.


Here's the Live Intro vs. Live 8 feature comparison chart.

  • If the Set created with Live 8 doesn't exceed any of the Live Intro limitations, it can be loaded, edited and saved without any difference.
  • If one of the following limitations is exceeded, the set can still be edited and saved as usual, but is slightly changed on loading:
    • Since Complex and Complex Pro warp modes are not available in Live Intro, clips that use these modes will load in Beats mode when used with the Set.
    • Since Live Intro only allows two stereo audio inputs/outputs, any additional channel routings will be muted (but can be manually adjusted to the two stereo channels).
  • If any other limitations are exceeded, the Set can yet be loaded as read-only, switching Live Intro temporarily to demo mode, so saving and exporting are not possible.