Authorization FAQ

What does it mean to authorize Live?

We use the terms "authorization" and "unlock" to refer to the process of validating the installation onto a new computer. 

Each Live license comes with two authorizations which you can use to install the program onto two of your computers. These authorizations are also known as unlocks, and are used each time you complete the authorization process on a new computer. 

What happens if there are no more unlocks left on the license?

If you reinstall Live and receive an error message that you are out of unlocks, you can request more.

Does Live use an unlock every time it is authorized?

A new unlock will only be used when Live is installed onto a new machine, or if your hard drive was wiped (which will cause the program to think it is on a new or different computer). 

If you reinstall Live onto the same computer, the program will reference the existing unlock file on your system, and will not use a new one.

Is there a way to remove previous unlocks from old installs?

At this time there isn't a de-authorization process for Live, so we recommend simply uninstalling the program from any machines you no longer use. 

How can I authorize Live when the program is open?

To authorize Live while it's open go to Preferences > Licenses Maintenance > Authorize with

Can I use my Live serial to authorize old versions of the program?

In case you purchased a Live license without owning earlier versions of Live and would like to authorize older versions for example for technical reasons such as running a non-supported OS for Live 9, contact Support for available options. 

In case you upgraded Live from earlier versions, you can authorize them using the newest Live license in the dropdown menu as explained here:

Note: If you have upgraded your license to a newer version of Live, only the new version will be shown in the list.

What should I do if Live will not authorize?

Please follow our troubleshooting guide for common authorization problems, and how to fix them.

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