Reanalysis of audio files after updating Live to version 11.3.2

  • Live Versions: Live 11.3.2 and later

Live 11.3.2 introduced improvements to warping. Because of this change, audio samples in existing Sets are automatically re-analyzed when a Set is opened in Live 11.3.2 or later for the first time.

Depending on the number of audio clips in the Set and how your system is configured, the analysis may take some time, from a few seconds up to several minutes. During this process, you might notice increased CPU load and/or an impact on the smoothness or responsiveness of Live's graphics.

There are several ways to minimize the side-effects of the improvements to warping:

  • When opening a Set containing audio samples in Live 11.3.2 or later for the first time, allow the clip waveforms to finish being re-drawn before working in the Set.
  • In Live's Preferences, go to the File/Folder tab and enable Create Analysis Files.

asdLivePreferences.jpegLive's .asd files store data on how each sample has been analyzed in the relevant set. Once an audio sample has been re-analyzed in Live 11.3.2 or later, this should not happen again.

Note: The analysis file (.asd) contains data gathered by Live to optimize stretching quality, speed up waveform display, store clip settings, and detect the tempo of long samples. If Create Analysis Files is not enabled in Live’s Preferences, Live will re-analyze each referenced audio file every time the Set is opened.

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