Presets on Push (standalone)

Files on Push can be managed via Live’s Browser on your computer, using drag and drop or right-click / CTRL+click. To transfer presets from Live on your computer to Push, first connect both devices to the same network and pair Push with your computer following the steps here: Managing Projects on Push (standalone).

Transferring presets from your computer to Push

Once Push is connected and the Push label appears in Live's browser, you can drag and drop presets from your User Library onto the Push label. The preset will be added to the root of Push’s User Library. To organize your presets in Push’s User Library, you can then drag and drop the presets to the desired folder.

Using Live’s browser, you can also right-click on a preset file name and choose from the context menu options to delete or rename the file. To create a new folder for presets, right-click in the desired location in Live's browser and select New Folder.

Note: The above steps for moving preset files apply exclusively to device presets that do not reference audio samples, and to presets whose samples are already loaded on Push like sounds from the Core Library and Packs already installed on Push. To transfer user presets such as custom Drum Racks that reference user audio samples, scroll down to the section [below.]

Transferring presets from Push to your computer

To transfer presets from Push to your computer:

  1. In Live's browser open the Push label > Push User Library folder.
  2. Drag the preset file from its location in the Push User Library to the desired location in Live’s browser, such as User Library > Presets

Transferring custom sample-based presets

For presets created in Live on your computer that reference audio samples not included in the Live Core Library or Packs, such as custom Drum Racks, the samples themselves must also be transferred to Push. There are two recommended options, depending on whether you wish to transfer samples along with a few selected presets, or copy an entire collection of samples to Push for global access to your custom presets.

Transferring a selection of presets with samples included:

  1. Create a new Set and load the desired presets, such as custom Drum Racks.
  2. Collect all and Save, making sure the Set is saved to a unique project folder
  3. Transfer the Project to Push, by dropping the project folder on to the Push label in Live’s Browser > Places.
  4. Open the Set on Push.
  5. In Device Mode, hold the Save button and press the upper display button above the Rack title. This will save the preset to your User Library, and the samples will be imported with it. The next time you open the included presets, the samples will be available and work as expected. 


After saving presets to Push using this method, the original Set can be deleted and the preset will still work. 

Note: Resolving missing media files is not possible on Push. To prevent recorded and imported audio files from becoming unlinked from your Set, transfer the entire project folder containing the Live Set and all necessary media files. If you see the message “Sample Offline” when loading presets on Push, all sample files may not have been successfully collected before transferring the Project. Make sure to Collect All and Save before transferring Live Projects to Push. Learn more about saving Projects.

Transferring a sample collection from your User Library:

To more easily transfer many presets at once, first save all the relevant samples into a designated folder inside the User Library on your computer. Then follow these steps to transfer the samples to the corresponding location in the User Library on Push:

  1. Locate the folder on your computer that contains samples referenced in your custom presets or Drum Racks.
  2. Open the Push label in Live’s browser and copy this samples folder over to the identical corresponding location on Push. For example, if on your computer the designated samples folder is located at:

    My Computer HD/User Library/Samples/My Favorite Samples/
    locate (or create) this same path inside the User Library on Push through Live's browser, e.g:
    Push/User Library/Samples/My Favorite Samples/
  3. After the collection of samples is copied to Push, you can transfer any preset files and Drum Racks that use these samples by simply dragging them onto the Push label as described above. 

Note: Take care when organizing or moving Live Projects, samples, and presets. Changing the file paths of referenced samples and presets may cause them to become un-linked from your Live Sets. 


If you get the error message “Sample Offline” when loading presets on Push, it can mean that the relevant samples were not successfully collected to the User Library on your computer before being transferred to Push. Here’s how to solve this:

  1. Open the Live Set where you have the device with the desired preset loaded. 

  2. Open File Manager in Live’s Menu.
  3. On File Manager, click on Manage User Library.

  4. Go to External Files and check whether Live is identifying any external files in this Project.

  5. Click on Show, to see where those files are located. 
Set Collect Into User Library to "Yes", to save the external files into your User Library.
  6. Click on Collect and Save on the bottom of the File Manager window to save your sample-based presets into the User Library on your computer.

  7. When you transfer your presets to Push again, the samples should be transferred together and successfully linked to your presets.

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