Push 3 Technical FAQ

Features and Specifications
Standalone and Control Modes
Push 3 and Ableton Live
Connecting Push 3

Features and Specifications

What instruments and effects does Push 3 (standalone) include?
Push 3 (standalone) comes pre-installed with Ableton Live 12 Intro. If you own a Live Standard or Live Suite license, you can use the instruments and effects belonging to your license. A list of devices included in Live 12 Intro is available here.

Can I both record and edit audio in audio tracks on Push 3?
Push 3 allows recording into audio tracks in Live's Session View. You can auto-warp samples and change loop and pitch settings. Arrangement View editing and comping is not possible on Push in Standalone Mode. 

What are the differences between Push 2 and Push 3?
For a comparison of Push features, check out this overview of Push

What are the technical specifications for Push 3’s audio interface?
Detailed technical specifications about Push 3’s audio interface are listed here

Do I need to download additional drivers on Windows?
The installation of the driver necessary to use Push 3 as an audio interface on Windows is included when installing Live 11.3 and above on your computer.

Can I input CV with the Push 3 audio interface?
CV input is not supported. However, Push 3 can output Trigger, Clock, and Gate, via the pedal jacks, if enabled in Setup > Pedals & CV. Learn more about CV setup in the Push manual. 

Is the Push 3 audio interface DC-Coupled?
Push’s audio outputs are not DC-Coupled, but the pedal jacks are.

My Push 3 (standalone) feels hot to the touch. Is this normal, or is my Push defective?
The heat sink area on the bottom of Push 3, which does not need to be touched during use, may become hot. This is normal, as the heat sink is designed to absorb heat from the processor.

How can I prevent Push 3 from becoming too hot?
Use Push 3 where the ambient temperature does not exceed 40°C / 104° F, and keep Push 3 out of direct sunlight. Place Push flat on a table or hard surface, and make sure air can circulate around it. 

What type of MIDI cable or adapter is needed for Push 3?
Ableton uses TRS-A as standard connection for MID out/in on Push 3. 

Can I use a sustain or expression pedal with Push 3?
Push 3 supports sustain pedals. Expression pedals do not work with Push 3.

Can I use an external audio interface with Push 3 (standalone)?
It’s not possible to connect a third-party sound card to the USB A port to use as the audio driver for Push 3 (standalone). To expand Push 3's input/output capabilities and route additional audio signals to/from Push 3, you can connect audio devices via ADAT. Learn more about ADAT connections in the Push manual

Can I power Push via USB?
For details on USB power options, visit the Push USB power FAQ.

Standalone and Control Modes

Can Push 3 (standalone) be used to control Live on my computer?
Any configuration of Push 3 can be connected to a computer and used in Control Mode to control Live. For more information on Control Mode, see the Push manual.

If I purchase Push 3 without a processor, can I later add the processor to make it portable?
The Push 3 Upgrade Kit enables you to add a processor to a Push 3 originally configured without one, so you can use Push in Standalone Mode without connecting to a computer. The Push 3 Upgrade Kit is planned for release at the end of 2023.

Is Push 3 with an Upgrade Kit functionally identical to Push 3 (standalone)?
The functionality of the upgraded Push 3 will be the same as one purchased with a processor (standalone).

Can I upgrade Push 2 to use it as a standalone instrument?
There is no hardware upgrade for Push 2 available.

Can I safely use Push 3 in hot weather? 
The maximum supported ambient temperature for Push 3 is 40°C / 104° F. Keep Push 3 out of direct sunlight.

Push 3 and Ableton Live

Will all my Live projects be compatible with Push 3?
Push 3 is optimized for use with Session View. Arrangement View is not currently supported on Push 3 in Standalone Mode. Live Sets can be loaded and played back, but the Arrangement timeline can’t be edited on Push 3 in Standalone Mode.

Will I be able to use VSTs on Push 3 in Standalone Mode?
Push 3 does not support VSTs or Audio Unit plug-ins. To bring a Live Set containing plug-ins from your computer to Push 3, first freeze any tracks containing plug-ins. Learn more about freezing tracks here.

Can I add devices to “Collections” from Push 3?
When browsing devices, sets or samples on Push 3, you can add them to Collections using the fourth button and fourth encoder. Learn more about using Collections.

Can I sync devices and presets from my User Library in Live with Push 3?
By pairing Push 3 and Live, you can transfer your presets, samples, and devices over to Push 3. Learn more about Connecting Push 3 to your Computer.

How many tracks can I have in a Push 3 project?
The number of available tracks depends on the license used to authorize Live on Push 3. Live Intro supports up to 16 tracks; Live Standard and Suite support unlimited tracks, provided that available memory and processing capacity are not exceeded.

Are all my Packs automatically available on Push 3 in Standalone Mode?

You can download and install Ableton Packs that you own onto Push 3. Learn more about Packs in the Push manual. 

Will all my Max for Live devices work on Push 3 in Standalone Mode?
Most Ableton built-in and supported third-party Max for Live devices are fully functional on Push 3, with a few exceptions. For details, see Push 3 Max for Live Device Compatibility. Due to the complexity of translating objects for Push 3, we cannot guarantee that all Max for Live devices (including self-built patches) will function as expected.

Connecting Push 3

Can I add a keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen?
Push 3 does not support connecting a keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen.

Can I connect a microphone to Push 3?
Dynamic microphones can be connected to Push 3, in which case the “High” input is suggested. Phantom power for condenser microphones is not supplied.

What are the different USB ports for?

To connect Push 3 with your computer to control Live, use the USB-C port.

To connect class-compliant MIDI controllers and synthesizers with Push 3 when in Standalone Mode, use the USB-A Port. 
In Control Mode, any MIDI devices connected to Push 3’s USB-A port will be available for MIDI input and remote control on your computer.

Can I use a replacement USB-C cable to connect Push 3?
The recommended cables for Push 3 are available from the Ableton webshop

Can I use a third-party power supply?
Only power your Push with the included power supply. Use of any other power supply is not recommended and is at your sole risk. The power adapter that comes with your Push is only intended for use with this instrument and isn’t recommended or approved for any other device. Replacement power supplies are available in the Ableton webshop.

Can I use a USB hub to connect Push 3 to my computer?
Push 3 can be connected via a USB Hub.

Can I use multiple Pushes at the same time?
Using Push 2 or Push 3 simultaneously with another Push (of any generation) to control the same instance of Live is not supported.

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