Ableton Cloud FAQ

What is Ableton Cloud and what is it for?

Ableton Cloud allows easy transfer of Note Sets from your iOS device directly to Live’s browser. Synced Note Sets will also be available on any other iOS devices with Note installed and Ableton Cloud enabled. 

Can I use Ableton Cloud without Note?

Ableton Cloud can only be used from within the Note application for the purpose of sharing Note Sets with other Cloud-synchronized devices. 

How do I enable Ableton Cloud in Note? 

From the Note app's Settings page, turn on Ableton Cloud. For more details, see Setting Up Ableton Cloud or watch the Learn Live Cloud video. 

How many sets can I upload to Ableton Cloud?

You can sync a total of 5 sets. 

What versions of Live work with Ableton Cloud?

Cloud is available in Live 11.2.5 and later. For further information see How to update Live.

What is the minimum license needed to use Ableton Cloud?

Ableton Cloud works with all Live licenses and editions: Trial, Lite, Intro, Standard, Suite, and Education.

Can I transfer Sets from Live to Note via Ableton Cloud?

It is not possible to transfer or open Sets from Live in Note. Once a Note Set is imported into Live and saved as a Live Set, the modified version can no longer be opened in Note.

Can I use presets from Note in Live? How about using presets from Live in Note?

Once you've opened your Note Set in Live, you can save any Note preset as a Live preset. However, Live presets cannot currently be used in Note.

Can I transfer Note Sets without using Ableton Cloud?

Use “Share To…” to share Sets via other apps, or transfer using AirDrop. For further details see Sharing Note Sets

Can Note projects synced to Ableton Cloud be deleted from my device? 

Note projects synced to Ableton Cloud also remain stored locally, under Files > On My Device > Ableton Note > Projects. Cloud is designed as a way to share and synchronize Note Sets across devices, not as a file backup or storage system.

Can I share my sets to someone else’s Cloud?

Live Sets synced to Ableton Cloud can only accessed by the person signed in with the same account on both Note and Live. If you need to share sets with collaborators, use the “Share To…” function.

Does Ableton own the content of Note Sets stored in Ableton Cloud?

When you use Ableton Note and Ableton Cloud together, you retain all ownership of any intellectual property rights that you hold in your sets. For additional information, see the Ableton Cloud Terms of Service.

My sets in Ableton Cloud aren’t showing up in Live, why? 

When you enable Ableton Cloud in Note, be sure to sign in to using the email address associated with your Ableton Live license. For further troubleshooting, see Note Projects in Ableton Cloud not Appearing in Live.

Can I turn off Ableton Cloud?

Turn off Cloud for a single device from Note > Settings > Ableton Cloud. To disable Cloud in Live, go to Live > Preferences > Library. For more information, see How to Disable Ableton Cloud.


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