Setting Up Ableton Cloud

  • Live Version: 11.2.5 and later
  • Operating System: All

Setting up Ableton Cloud allows you to upload Note Sets to Live and synchronize Note Sets across iOS devices. Setting up Ableton Cloud requires a user account. Follow these steps to set up Ableton Cloud on your iOS device and/or computer:

Enabling Ableton Cloud in Note

Live Compatibility

Enabling Ableton Cloud in Live

Syncing Note Sets

Enabling Ableton Cloud in Note

To enable Ableton Cloud in Note:

1. Open Note Application Settings


2. Tap to open the Ableton Cloud Switch 


3. Slide the Ableton Cloud toggle to On


4. You will be redirected to in your mobile browser and prompted to connect your user account and accept the terms of service and privacy policy. If you own other Ableton products, ensure that you log in using the same email address, as Cloud establishes the connection between devices using account information. 

Note: If the default mobile browser that you have set is not redirecting you to the app use try another mobile browser


Note: If you don’t already have an Ableton account, you’ll need to create one to enable Cloud.

5. Once completed, you'll be redirected back to Note. You can now sync Note Sets to Ableton Cloud. Tap the Set Options menu for the Note Set you wish to upload.


6. Tap "Upload to Ableton Cloud" 


You will see that your Note Set has been uploaded to Ableton Cloud. However, a copy of your Note Set is still stored locally on your device in order to allow you to work on it. 

8. To remove a Note Set from Cloud, tap the Note Set Options menu and select Remove from Ableton Cloud.


Ableton Live Compatibility

Using Ableton Cloud, Note Sets can be transferred into Live and opened seamlessly as Live Projects. 

Cloud is available in all editions of Live: Lite, Intro, Standard, and Suite, as of Live version 11.2.5. See this article for how to update your Live version. Users without a Live license receive a free 30-day Live Suite Trial license upon activating Cloud. For instructions for installing the Live Trial see: Installing Live.

For Note system requirements, see Note Compatibility.

Enabling Ableton Cloud in Live

Ableton Cloud can be activated in Live (version 11.2.5 and later). To enable Cloud from Live: 

  1. Open Live's Preferences by pressing CTRL-,(Win) / CMD-,(Mac), and select the Library tab. 
  2. Switch Show Cloud to On.


Once enabled, the Cloud label will appear in the Places section of Live’s browser with a message prompting you to sign in to


Click the Sign In button to open a web browser window. This will lead you through the same authorization process required to activate Ableton Cloud, as described above for Note. 

Note: If your default browser does not redirect you to Live when authorizing Ableton Cloud try another browser

Syncing Sets

After activating Ableton Cloud for your user account, any Note Sets that are synced to Cloud will appear in Live’s browser under the Cloud label.

If you have mobile or cellular data on your iOS device switched off, Cloud will only begin syncing Sets while connected to WiFi.

Note Sets can also be synced manually from the Set context menu in Note. You’ll be prompted to complete the Cloud activation process if you haven’t already:

  1. From Note’s Sets page, tap the Set options of the set you want to sync.
  2. Select Upload to Ableton Cloud.

After making changes in Live to a set synced from Note, save it as a Live Project Set (.als file) using Collect All and Save to ensure all samples and media files will remain available. Changes to the project made in Live will not affect the Note app version (.abl file) of the Set.

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