Updating Live

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

Using the Latest Live Version is always recommended. To enable automatic updates:

  1. Open Live's PreferencesLicenses/Maintenance
  2. Under Maintenance → Get Automatic Updates, select Always.


For more help, visit Troubleshooting Automatic Updates.

Manual Updates

Sometimes it's necessary to update Live manually. To do this, visit your Ableton account to download and install the most current version. Detailed instructions are linked here:

Installing Live

It's not necessary to uninstall previous versions of Live before updating. 

Note for Windows users: To install Push 3 drivers, install the current version of Live manually from your Ableton account. If Live 11.3.x is installed via auto-update, the Push 3 drivers may not be installed. 

Note on compatibility:

  • Sets saved in 11.2.x cannot be opened in Live 11.1.x or earlier.
  • Sets saved in Live 11.1. cannot be opened in Live 11.0.x.

To avoid accidental overwriting of an older set, Live will prompt you to save a new version, using the option "Save as…” Make sure to save this version under a new name:


For more information, see Backward Compatibility.

How to update from Live 11.1

Live 11.2 will automatically update from Live 11.1.x, if automatic updates are enabled as described above.

How to update from Live 11.0.12 or earlier

To update from Live 11.0.x, you must install the current version manually via Ableton.com. If your installed version is Live 11.0.12 or earlier, Live 11.1 or later will not update automatically, even if Automatic Updates are enabled in Live's Preferences. Login to your Ableton account for the link to download and Install the current version of Live.

Live 11 Builds

Ableton.com will automatically detect which installer is correct for your computer’s operating system. You can also select manually between different builds of Live, if needed. Here’s how to choose the right build for your system:


Universal build:

  • Apple Intel (macOS 10.14 Mojave through macOS 12 Monterey)
  • Apple Silicon (M1, M2)

Intel build:

  • Apple Intel (macOS 10.13 High Sierra only)

Note: You can force Live to run as an Intel application via Rosetta 2 on an Apple Silicon-based Mac, as explained here. However, this isn't necessary if your plug-ins are updated for Apple Silicon. When in doubt, please check the latest Apple Silicon and macOS compatibility information provided by each plug-in developer.


Windows build:

  • All Windows computers

Note for all builds: 

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