Sound changes in Ableton devices in Live 11.1

  • Live Version: 11.1 and above
  • Operating System: All

The analog modeled filters in several Ableton instruments and effects, such as Sampler, Simpler, Wavetable, Operator, Auto Filter, and Echo, have been updated to improve stability, sound, and performance.

When sets created in previous versions of Live 11 are opened in Live 11.1, these improvements may cause subtle sound changes in the audio output of these devices. Differences may be noticeable in all but the “clean” filters, especially with the high drive or resonance values selected.

Note: To maintain consistency in the sound of your sets, you may choose to continue working on a previous version of Live. However, sets cannot be opened in previous versions once edited and saved in Live 11.1. To avoid accidental overwriting of an older set when opening it in Live 11.1, Live will prompt you to save a new version, using the option "Save as…” Make sure to save this version under a new name:


To revert to the original sound of the updated devices, open the copy of your set saved in a previous version of Live, and freeze and flatten any affected tracks in that version. You can then import these tracks into the Live 11.1 version of your set, using the method explained in this article.

In Live 11.1 Ableton devices with Sound Changes(Mac(M1/Intel)/Windows)

Sound changes to the following devices: Collision, Analog, Electric, and Tension instruments, as well as Amp and Cabinet effects, may cause these Ableton devices to sound slightly different in Live 11.1. While our tests show these differences to be nearly imperceptible, if you notice a change in sound in these devices in Live 11.1., follow the steps explained in the link above to freeze and flatten affected tracks in your previous version of Live 11.

MP3 encoding

MP3 encoding may lead to slight changes in sound, due to an update regarding the LAME encoder.

Warp modes

Warp modes Complex and Complex Pro may sound different after the update. If you notice a change in the sound of Warped audio clips in Live 11.1., follow the procedure of freezing and flattening the tracks in your previous version of Live 11, as explained above.

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