Supporting older Live versions with your Max for Live device

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac

Some Max features are only supported in newer versions of Live and Max for Live. We recommend that device authors indicate the minimum requirements for Live and Max versions in the Max for Live Attributes of each device as explained below

For example, you might have created a device that uses the Dynamic Colors feature in Max 8.2.0, which is bundled starting with Live 11.1. If users open this device in Live 10, the Dynamic Colors feature may not appear as intended, or it may trigger errors.

Note: Newer Max for Live versions are only bundled with the latest versions of Live. New features in 8.2 will not be available unless you either externally install Max 8.2, or update to a version of Live that has it bundled (starting with Live 11.1).

Max for Live Attributes

You can find the attributes in the Patcher Inspector, by opening the Max Inspector with no object selected, and clicking on the [P] icon in the title bar.


Here's an example of a Max for Live device displaying the minimum requirement:


For information about recommended Max versions, please see this article

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