Recommended Max versions

  • Live Versions: 8.1 - 10
  • Operating System: All

Live 10

Live 10 comes bundled with Max 8. It doesn't need to be installed separately, however you can do this if you want to use a standalone version of Max. Max is now loaded at startup, instead of when the first Max device is used.

Live 9

The latest Max 7 version is recommended for use with Live 9. While some older devices may still work with Max 6, most of the newer devices will only work with Max 7. The latest version of Max for Live can be downloaded from your User Account.

Live 8

If you only have a Max for Live license, then Max 5.1.9 is the last version which will work with Live 8. If you have a standalone Max license (purchased from Cycling '74), then Max 6.0.8 is the last version which will work with Live 8.

Download links for both Max 5.1.9 and Max 6.0.8 can be found here.

Note: Max for Live is only available in the 32-bit version of Live 8. If you wish to use Max for Live in 64-bit mode, you need to upgrade to Live 10.