Macros and Variations FAQ

  • Live Version: 11
  • Operating System: All


How can I add or remove Macros?

Click the +/- buttons to show or hide two Macros at a time. Hidden Macros will keep any previous parameter mapping.


How can I randomize Macros?

Click the Rand button in the top header of a rack to randomize all mapped Macros.

Can I use my MIDI Controller to randomize Macros?

Yes, you can map the randomization button to a MIDI controller for real-time changes.

Can I exclude Macros from randomization and variations?

Yes, you can exclude Macros by right-clicking on them and selecting Exclude Macro from Randomization/Variations.

How can I store and recall Macro positions?

In order to store current Macro positions, open the Variations View by clicking on the Show/Hide Macro Variations View icon and then New.

You can recall the variations by clicking the arrow icon, or select the variation and press [Enter].

Macro Variations

I can’t create Macro Variations, the New button greyed out.

If no parameter has been mapped to any Macro yet, the New button is greyed out. This changes once a macro has been mapped.

How can I overwrite a Macro Variation with the current Macro positions?

You can overwrite a variation by clicking on the Overwrite icon.


Why are my Variations not changing the Macros when I click on them?

Clicking on a Macro Variation selects it for editing or viewing. In order to activate a variation, click the arrow icon or press [Enter].  

My recorded track automation does not work.

By switching between Variations, the Macro knobs change their value which deactivates track automation. You can re-enable them by clicking the Re-enable automation button.

Will my Variation and Macro settings be remembered when I save a Rack in my User Library?

Yes, you can add Racks with Macro Variations to your User Library.

Can I combine Variations from different Racks?

Macro Variations are available for each Rack, but can’t be combined in different Racks.

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