Making custom MIDI Mappings

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

You might want to create your own custom MIDI mappings in the following situations:

  • Your controller doesn't have a Control Surface.
  • Your controller has a Control Surface but you want to override some parameters.
  • Your controller has a dedicated User Mode.

First, you'll need to configure the MIDI ports in Live's Preferences > Link/MIDI. Enable the Remote switch for visual feedback on the controller. The exact configuration can vary depending on your MIDI device.

To create a MIDI mapping:

  1. Turn MIDI map mode on: Mac: CMD + m, Windows: Ctrl + m.
  2. Select the function you want to map, e.g. a volume fader.
  3. Move a knob or slider on your controller.
  4. The controls are now mapped.
  5. Repeat for the remaining controls you want to map.
  6. Exit MIDI map mode.

For a detailed overview, read the Live manual section on MIDI and Key Remote Control.

Note: MIDI mappings can be saved as part of your default template Set.

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