Making custom MIDI Mappings

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

You might want to create your own custom MIDI mappings in the following situations:

  • Your controller doesn't have a Control Surface.
  • Your controller has a Control Surface but you want to override some parameters.
  • Your controller has a dedicated User Mode.

First you'll need to configure the MIDI ports in Live's Preferences > Link/MIDI. Enable the Track and Remote switches for the input port (for receiving and mapping MIDI data) and the Remote Output switch (for visual feedback on the controller). The exact configuration can vary depending on your MIDI device.

To create a MIDI mapping:

  1. Turn MIDI map mode on: Mac: CMD + m, Windows: Ctrl + m.
  2. Select the function you want to map, e.g. a volume fader.
  3. Move a knob or slider on your controller.
  4. The controls are now mapped.
  5. Repeat for the remaining controls you want to map.
  6. Exit MIDI map mode.

For a detailed overview, read the Live manual section on MIDI and Key Remote Control.

Note: MIDI mappings can be saved as part of your default template Set.