How to reduce latency while monitoring

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Latency is a necessary part of digital audio. If the audio buffer size is set very high, or there are devices with lots of latency, this can make recording in real time more difficult. But there are ways to minimize latency while monitoring.

1. Use "Reduced Latency When Monitoring" 

Certain devices/plug-ins or processes in Live can add latency to a set. Activate "Reduced Latency When Monitoring" in the Options menu to bypass device/plug-in related latency in monitored tracks:

2. Use direct monitoring (if your audio interface supports it)

Some audio interfaces have a function called direct monitoring. The signal enters the interface and is routed back out through the headphone monitor mix, instead of passing through Live first, so you can monitor with near-zero latency directly through the interface. A copy of the signal is sent into Live at the same time for recording. If using this option, turn off monitoring in the recording track.

3. Monitor through an external mixing desk

Instead of monitoring through your interface or Live, monitor through an external mixing desk. At the same time, send a copy of the signal into Live to record it. If using this option, turn off monitoring in the recording track.

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