Authorizing Live on a single-user computer (with Sassafras)

  • Live Versions: 9.1 and later
  • Operating System: All

Sassafras is a paid third-party licensing software, useful for authorizing multiple licenses in a classroom or computer lab.

Note: Due to the Sassafras authorization system, Live Packs that are not bundled by default with the Live license (e.g., additionally purchased Packs) cannot be authorized using Sassafras.

Once you have purchased Sassafras, you can obtain a special Sassafras license file for Live by contacting Support. Then follow these instructions to install and authorize Live on a single-user computer using Sassafras: 

1. Install the latest version of Live on a single-user computer and launch it once, then close it (in order to create the Preferences folder in step 5).

2. Install Sassafras KeyAccess on the same computer.

3. Install Sassafras KeyServer on an administrator's computer on the shared network.

4. Add the license file(s) you've received from Ableton to your Sassafras KeyServer installation and restart KeyServer.

5. Navigate to the hidden Ableton Preferences folder (x.x.x is the Live version number):

6. Create a plain text file and save it as Options.txt into this hidden Preferences folder. Here are detailed instructions for creating the Options.txt file.

7. Add the line -Licenseserver to the Options.txt file and save it.

8. Launch Live.

9. It should authorize correctly using Sassafras.

Note: If your computers are set up for multi-user access, then see this article instead: Centralized administration of Live in a multi user environment with Sassafras

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