ASIO is the recommended audio driver on Windows

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operation System: Windows

The default audio driver on Windows is MME/Direct X.

If you don't own a dedicated audio interface, this is probably the only driver available. However if you own a dedicated audio interface then it may have some or all of the following driver types: MME/Direct X, Realtek, Direct Sound, Direct Capture or ASIO.

Out of these, we recommend that you only use ASIO.

Your interface's ASIO driver is usually available as a dedicated installation from the manufacturer's website. Once installed, open Live's Preferences --> Audio. Click "Driver Type" to choose the ASIO driver.

If your interface doesn't include a native ASIO driver, or if you're using your built in computer soundcard, then we recommend that you install ASIO4ALL (a free, generic ASIO driver).

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