Switching from Live Beta to the release version of Live

If you've used a beta version of Ableton Live, when you're ready to install the latest release version of Live, you can manually copy the preferences from Live Beta if needed, then uninstall it. Here's how to do this:

1. Install the latest version of Live from your account

Download Live from your user account, then install and authorize it. 

Your User Library should automatically be linked, therefore any presets you made using the Beta will be available.

2. Manually copy preferences (if needed)

Release versions of Live do not automatically copy your Preferences folder from Live Beta. If you modified your preferences in a beta version and you want to keep your custom settings, you can follow the steps linked here to copy them over to the latest version.

3. Uninstall the Beta

Once you've successfully launched the official version of Live, you can safely uninstall Live Beta. On macOS, delete the Live Beta application from the Applications folder. On Windows, run the Add/Remove Programs utility.

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