Troubleshooting authorization problems

  • Live Versions: Live 9-10
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac

In some situations Live will not authorize as normal through the online process. The most common issues are:


  Issues authorizing Live 10 on Windows

See our dedicated article: Live 10 authorization issues on Windows

 If Live does not authorize or times out:

  • Empty your browser's cache, here's a guide which covers most browsers
  • Try authorizing again using a different browser, we generally recommend Firefox
  • Temporarily disable any anti-virus or firewall during the authorization process. You can also add the Live application as an "exception" in your anti-virus settings, eg. programs considered harmless to your computer
  • Run Live as an administrator (Win)

"License does not match your Live installation":

  • Make sure you have the correct version of the program installer
  • Download the latest installer from your user account (the disc version is now outdated)
  • When upgrading from e.g. the Trial version to Suite, first uninstall the Trial version and download the Suite installer separately; as the Trial is a separate installation from a paid version of the program

If you encounter authorization problems using Google Chrome*:

*There is a known issue for some users due to a recent update to the Google Chrome browser, External Protocol Handlers required in the authorization process are currently blocked or do not function correctly on some operating systems.

Serial number is registered to another email address

  • Confirm the email address you are signed in with under the "Personal Details" section of your account

As each Live license is for a single user it is only possible for a serial number to be registered to one email. If you are logged into with an address that your Live serial is not associated to, you will not be able to authorize. 

Issue with Hardware Code

  • Check the Hardware Code in the offline authorization dialogue box in Live's Preferences under > Licenses Maintenance > Authorize Offline 

The Hardware Code is a number generated by your computer and is different from the Live serial number. When authorizing offline, you will need to enter the Hardware Code on your account page to download the necessary file. 

Live asks for authorization at every launch (Mac)

  • If the Live authorization dialog is displayed every time Live is launched, this could be happening for two different reasons:

    1. If you've upgraded to High Sierra (10.13) and a stable Mac address can't be determined automatically
    2. If you've authorized a prior version of Live for all users on a Mac by copying Live's unlock file into the local library (only necessary in multi-user environments)

Here's how to resolve this issue - Live asks for authorization at every launch

Additional Information

In case the online authorization still isn't working, you can still authorize offline. You will find the instructions in Live's Preferences > Licenses Maintenance > "Authorize offline."