Installing Live

  • Live Versions: 9-10
  • Operating System: All

Step 1 - Download the Live installer

Log in to your User Account, select the Live version and operating system from the drop down menu and click "Download".


Step 2 - Install Live

Double-click on the downloaded DMG file and a mounted disk named 'Ableton Live 10' will appear on your desktop and open automatically.

Drag the Ableton Live 10 icon onto the Applications folder shortcut.  Once it is finished, close the window and eject the installation disk image from your computer.


Once it's been fully installed, open the Applications folder in Finder and double click on the Ableton Live 10 application. You can then add it to your Dock for quick access.

Please unpack the downloaded zip file by right-clicking on it.


Choose "Extract All..." from the drop down menu and launch the Setup.msi file by double clicking it once the file has been unpacked. The setup wizard will guide you through the steps necessary to install Live 10 on your Windows machine. Make sure that Live is installed to the default location: C:\ProgramData\Ableton\

Once the installation has completed, click on the Windows Start menu where you'll find the Live 10 shortcut.

Step 3 - Authorize Live

When starting Live for the first time, follow the instructions on the authorization dialog in order to authorize Live online.

If you'd prefer to authorize offline or would like additional information, step-by-step instructions are available.

Step 4 - Install additional content

Several Live Packs are available for download from the Packs section of your account.

Once Live is installed, you can install these Live Packs, which will add additional sounds, presets and other content in a dedicated directory on your hard drive.

You can also buy additional Live Packs in Ableton's online Pack store.

Max for Live is now built into Live 10 Suite. Once Suite is installed you will be able to access Max for Live within Live's Browser.

Step 5 - Learn more

To learn more about using Ableton Live, we recommend watching our series of Learn Live tutorials. Live also comes with a series of built-in interactive lessons, which are available in Live's Help View. The Help View can be opened via Live's Help Menu.