Buying Live FAQs

What's new in Live 9

Check out our Live 9 tour for the latest feature details.

Learning about the differences between Live 9 Intro, Standard and Suite

See this feature comparison chart for the included features for each version of Live.

Find personalized pricing information for Live 9 or Push

Check out your personal up-to-date pricing and options for Live 9 and Push.

Please note: if you already own an Ableton product, you will need to log in to your account in order to see your personalized upgrade pricing.

How to upgrade an educational version

You can upgrade educational versions of Live (and extend it with add-on products) at standard pricing. We do not offer an educational discount on upgrades, however, the pricing for upgrades is discounted from full.

The Live 9 system requirements

View the system requirements for Live 9

Buying a used copy of Live

Live licenses can be resold secondhand. To view the details for buying a license secondhand, take a look at our suggestions for purchasing a used copy