Buying Live FAQ

What are the differences between Intro, Standard, and Suite?

See our feature comparison chart for the included features in each version of Live.

How do I find personalized pricing information for Live or Push?

You can check out pricing for Live and Push in our webshop.

If you already own a Live license, you can log in to your account to see your personalized upgrade pricing.

How can I upgrade my Live license? 

You can find the available upgrade pricing for any existing Live licenses by logging into your account and visiting the Shop page. 

The prices will automatically show the discounted upgrades based on your current registered serials. 

Can I upgrade an educational version?

You can upgrade educational versions of Live (and extend it with add-on products) at standard pricing. We do not offer an educational discount on upgrades, however, the pricing for upgrades is discounted from full.

Can I use a coupon in the webshop?

If you have a coupon for use on, you can add it to your cart to receive the discount.

If the coupon was issued from a third party, be sure to check the terms and conditions for applicable items/purchases.

If you are unable to use your coupon please contact Support and provide the code, and let us know where you received the offer from originally. 

Can I buy Live as a gift for someone?

It is possible to order a full Live license for someone else without spoiling the surprise, just follow the steps in this article

What if I want to buy a used copy of Live?

Live licenses can be resold secondhand. Take a look at our suggestions for purchasing a used copy

What are the Live system requirements?

To ensure compatibility with your computer, check out the system requirements for Live. 

Ableton offers these in-depth help and learning resources: