Buying a used copy of Live

In most cases* copies of Live can be sold secondhand. To authorize the program and upgrade in the future, the serial number must be officially transferred to the new user's account. 

Before buying a used copy of Live, consider the following:

  • To use Live you must have a valid serial number that can be registered or transferred to your account.
  • Make sure the serial matches the version of the program offered by the seller. We are aware of situations in which someone sells a "full version" of Live, but only has a serial number for Live Lite.
  • In some cases, sellers attempt to sell an educational license as if it were a full version license. We can only transfer an EDU serial if the secondhand buyer is also eligible for an educational license
  • In rare cases, sellers purchased their copy of Live with a fraudulent credit card. If Ableton becomes aware of a fraudulently purchased license, we must disable it - even if it has already been resold to an unsuspecting secondhand buyer. 

If you are unsure about a secondhand offer, you can ask the seller to contact us with you on CC, to get an official confirmation that the license is legitimate. 

*NFR licenses cannot be resold or transferred to new users.