Transferring a Live license to a new user

In order to process a license transfer, the seller must contact our Support Team and submit the following information:

  • the serial number to be transferred
  • the email address that was used to register the original license
  • the buyer's full name
  • the buyer's email address
  • the buyer's country of residence

Once we receive the details from the seller, we will transfer the license to the buyer's user account on

Note that we can only process license transfer requests that we receive from the current holder of the license (the seller). The request must come from the seller's registered email address and cannot be completed via our Telephone Support. If the buyer has no information about the seller, they can contact our Support Team and send us a proof of purchase or the serial number. We will then get in touch with the seller and ask for confirmation of the transfer.

Please note that only an entire Live license can be transferred: all Live versions and corresponding serial numbers contained in the license will also be acquired by the buyer. This applies to Suite and upgrades; you can only transfer the whole thing.

Educational licenses can only be transferred to verified educational users. The buyer must submit a copy of their student or faculty ID together with a copy of their photo ID or an official confirmation from the school or university for verification before we can transfer the license to their account.