Saving and exporting are deactivated

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

If you create a Set using Suite-only features and then open it in Live Lite, Intro or Standard, the Set will open in Demo Mode with saving and exporting deactivated.

Note: Live Suite is also installed when using the free trial or the public beta.

To save and export the Set:

  • Remove the Suite-only devices from the Set
  • In order to do so, make sure to also check all Instrument/Drum/Effect Racks used in the set
  • Re-authorize Live from Preferences > Licenses/Maintenance > Authorize at

You can also Freeze and Flatten the tracks that use Suite-only devices to keep the audio:

  • Select the tracks you want to keep, right-click on them and select Freeze Track
  • Select the frozen tracks again, right-click and select Flatten
  • The tracks are now rendered to audio and the Suite devices removed
  • Go to Preferences > Licenses/Maintenance > Authorize at

Once Live is re-authorized you will be able to save and export normally.

Note: Live Lite and Intro have limited scenes and tracks, so you'll also need to delete any extra if the Set exceeds the maximum amount.

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