Link Troubleshooting

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

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Issues which can prevent Live from seeing other link-enabled apps

  • Too much other traffic on the network.
  • Some routers block Multicast, which is necessary for Link to function properly. Modern routers do not have this issue, but some older models can block Multicast.
  • Active firewalls on both Mac and Windows computers can stop Link from working.  You may need to ensure that Port 20808 is not blocked.
  • Link doesn't work over a VPN (Virtual private network).
  • Link doesn't work over Bluetooth.
  • Live has not been allowed to receive network connections. This can happen also due to third-party apps such as Little Snitch:
    Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 13.15.43.png
  • Offline method (macOS): If the Link connection is not established after connecting an iOS device to your Mac, open iTunes and make sure that your iOS device is recognized in iTunes.

How Link affects MIDI sync and Rewire

Live can't accept incoming MIDI Sync while Link is active. When Link is enabled, the MIDI Sync Input ports are not taken into account.

In Live 10 and earlier, Live can't be used as a ReWire Device when Link is active. To use Live as a ReWire Device, first turn off Link, then re-start Live after the ReWire master program has been opened.

Note: As of Live 11 ReWire is no longer available.

Apps keeps disconnecting or losing sync

If the network gets too crowded, apps can lose connection. However, it would take an extreme amount of Link users to cause this to happen. 

Further support for Link

If you have issues with Live and Link, contact Ableton Support.

If you have issues with Link within third-party iOS or desktop apps, please contact the developer of the app for support.

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