Sets in the Open Recent Set menu are greyed out

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

Live will show greyed-out Set names if it cannot find the .als files in the original saved-to location.

Usually this happens when .als files have been altered, renamed or moved. In the worst case scenario, which is pretty rare, they may have been accidentally deleted.

Please note that Live itself doesn't delete or move files, so there is a good chance that missing files are still somewhere on your hard drive.

1. The Set is located on an external hard drive that is not currently connected.

Close Live, connect your external drive(s), relaunch Live and see if the Set appears again in the menu. 

2. The Set was accidentally deleted.

If the projects were deleted intentionally or accidentally, they could still be in Trash/Recycle Bin.

3. The Set or project folder, or their parent folder may have been renamed or moved. 

On Mac use Spotlight or Finder, on Windows use Windows Search in order to search for the files.

4. The Set was saved to a cloud-synced folder, which uploaded the files and deleted them from your computer.

Certain cloud storage providers have options that allow them to upload items and delete them from the local folder in order to conserve space. Check the cloud based folders to see if the files are there.  See our full guide on Cloud Storage Best Practices for more details.

5. The Set was saved to the Live application folder, or to a system folder which has been overwritten automatically.

Never save a Set within a system folder of the operating system or within the Live application folder. If the Live application has been updated, then any non-application files will be deleted automatically. The Live application, your library content and your Live Sets should always reside in independent locations. On Mac and Windows we recommend the Music folder as a good location to store all of your Sets/projects.

6. A cleaning/maintenance app has deleted or quarantined the Sets.

Certain third party cleaning/maintenance apps may misidentify the Live Sets as problematic files, and either delete or quarantine them. In general we don't recommend the use of these apps. Check their settings to whitelist Live and its associated files.

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