Using Push 2 FAQ

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

Push keeps displaying the logo after I launch Live and nothing happens?

Please refer to the dedicated troubleshooting articles for OS X and Windows.

Where can I find my Push serial number and firmware version?

On Push 2 press the Setup button and select the Info menu on the display.

Which Live version do I need in order to use Push 2?

Push requires Live 9.5 or later. Push 2 will not work with versions prior to 9.5.

Can I adjust the brightness of the Push display and pads?

Yes, both can be adjusted independently via the Push Setup button.

Why are the Push display and Pads dimmer when the AC adapter is not plugged in?

Push 2 needs quite a bit of power to provide fully lit buttons, pads and display. Therefore these will be automatically dimmed when the AC adapter is not plugged in and Push is only powered via USB.

You can also check that the display brightness is set to the maximum value by pressing the Setup button. 

Why can't I see certain steps in the Step Sequencer?

When Push is connected exclusively via USB, certain pad color gradations might be difficult to see. When working with the step sequencer, steps with low velocity will have a dimmer light intensity.

Why does pressing Note not let me access the melodic step sequencer or the 64-pad layout?

Push 2 comes with a dedicated Layout button to access these modes.

Can I step sequence a sliced Simpler?

When Simpler is in Slicing mode, it defaults to a 64-pad layout. The Layout button switches the Push pad matrix to the Step Sequencer layout.

Why can't I see the Samples category in the Push 2 browser?

The Sample category has been omitted from Push as it contains a huge amount of files. It is still possible to browse samples via Packs (for Live Packs or the Core Library) or via the User Folder (samples added to Places or in the User Library).

Can I load samples from Push 2?

Yes, samples can be loaded via the Push 2 browser.

Can I load audio Clips from Push 2?

Samples are by default instantiated within a Simpler instance when loaded from Push. To load or hotswap audio files into an Audio Track, it is first necessary to select an audio track and enter Clip mode with Push.

Why does pressing Clip not let me see the notes of a Midi Track on Push´s display? 

This feature got introduced with Live 10. If you are using Push 2 with Live 9, you can not see the notes.

Can I latch Mute and Solo so I don't need to use two hands to Mute/Solo tracks?

Yes, this is possible as of Live 9.6 by holding Mute or Solo respectively for a few seconds.

Can I use Push 2 together with Push 1?

This is not yet supported.

Can I use two Push 2 units connected to a single computer?

This is not yet supported.

When I try to preview certain files on Push 2, the browser becomes slow.

The Push browser might become slow when browsing/previewing .mp3 files since these need to be decoded before the preview plays. 

Will I be able to save Scales settings?

Yes, the Scales setting that was last used in a Live Set will be recalled when opening the Live Set.

Why does Swing have no effect on my MIDI Clip?

Swing only works in real time in combination with Repeat. To apply Swing settings to a pre-recorded MIDI Clip, press the Quantize button after having specified a Swing amount.

When I use the Touch Strip, the LEDs seems to lag behind.

This is caused by a hardware limitation. However, the lag is only visual, and the devices controlled with it will react much more immediately.

Why can't I see my presets in the Push browser, and why do certain folders show no content?

The Push browser will filter out content depending on the context. When hot-swapping an audio effect, for example, no folders or categories will be displayed if these contain exclusively samples. The browser will only display content which Live can use depending on the context.

I have just added a folder to Places: why does it does not show up on Push immediately?

It is first necessary to toggle Browse mode in order to update.

Can I record-enable an audio track from Push?

While MIDI tracks are auto-armed when in Note mode, this does not apply to audio tracks. You can still record-enable any track via Push by holding Session Record button and pressing the respective track button.

Can I use third-party plug-ins with Push?

Yes, and you can find information on how to do this in our article, Using Third-Party Plug-ins with Push

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