Support Service Guidelines

Our Support team is happy to help answer questions about buying or using Ableton products. If you run into problems with Live or Push, we are here to help.

Note: Technical support is available for the current release version of Live and the version immediately prior. We cannot offer troubleshooting or support for earlier versions, nor do we answer questions about or offer support for the Live Beta program.

Free expression is a human right – as a music software company we believe that everyone has a voice, and the right to use it and to express themselves. There’s no space in our community for any kind of discrimination, offensive language, or hate speech. We maintain the right to refuse support service to individuals using offensive language or exhibiting discriminatory behavior.

Please understand that tutorials and explanations of music production techniques lie outside of the service scope of the Support team. Further, please direct questions regarding third-party devices, such as software plug-ins, MIDI controllers, and other hardware, to the manufacturer.

For issues with Max for Live devices developed by third parties, or with Max devices that use third-party objects, please contact the device's developer directly for support. 

In order to provide timely answers to support requests, Ableton Support may use automated or generative AI material in its email responses.

For additional learning resources, please have a look through the documentation provided on our website:

If you can't find the answers you're looking for on our website, visit our contact page for further assistance. 

Ableton offers these in-depth help and learning resources: