Transferring Live Projects from one machine to another

  • Live Versions: 8 - 9
  • Operating System: All


Live’s file format is cross-platform compatible. It can be opened in Live on Windows and Mac systems. The Live Set file contains all relevant data, including MIDI notes and mappings, automation events, the reference to audio files, information about loaded devices and 3rd party plug-ins etc.

Audio files, Max for Live devices and 3rd party plug-ins are not stored within a Project file. For a flawless transfer of your Live project from one computer to another please follow the recommendations outlines below.


  • Install the latest version of Live on both machines
  • Authorize the same configuration on both computers, e.g. Live Standard.
  • Install the same additional content packs on both machines

Audio Files

Before transferring a project, copy all audio files used in a project into the project folder by using the command "Collect all and Save" from Live’s File menu.

Max for Live Devices

Max for Live devices can be copied into the project folder by using the command "Collect all and Save" from Live’s File menu. In case the devices have been installed with a Live Pack, you may just make sure to install the according pack on both machines.

3rd party Plug-Ins

When transferring projects between Mac and Windows it’s recommended to use the latest versions of the VST plug-ins on both systems. Live will load the according VST plug-in if it’s installed and can be identified. Audio Unit plug-ins run on Mac only.

Sharing projects with another Live user

A Live Set created with Live Suite may exceed feature limitations when opened in a less fully featured version like Live Standard, Intro or Lite. In this case Live will switch into demo mode in order to open the file, however saving and exporting are disabled.

If the person you are sharing with has a lesser featured version of Live, you will need to take steps like freezing and flattening any devices/effects which they don't have, and/or limit the amount of tracks so that it can be opened by them. Please reference this article for the feature comparison between different versions of Live.

Both users should be running the same build of Live however, as newer builds of Live 9 can not be opened in certain earlier builds of Live 9. A Live Suite user running 9.1 will not be able to open a Live standard set made using Live 9.7. See this article for more information: Live 9.7 sets can't be opened in earlier versions