Push User Mode for custom MIDI mappings

Push User Mode

User Mode lets you create custom MIDI mappings on Push, to control Live. To enter User Mode, press the User button on Push. User Mode overrides Push's regular functionality and allows you to create custom MIDI mappings, as you would with any MIDI controller.

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Push User Port MIDI Preferences

To create custom mappings in User Mode, first configure Push's ports in Live's MIDI Preferences. The configurations for Windows and macOS are pictured below.

Note: On Windows, the User Port is called Ableton Push (Port 2). On macOS it is called Ableton Push (User Port).

  1. Go to Live's Preferences > Link/Tempo/MIDI
  2. For the Input User Port, enable Track and Remote to receive MIDI Note and MIDI Control Change messages from Push.
  3. For the Output User Port, enable Remote to see visual feedback on Push's LEDs.

    Push User Mode MIDI Preferences (Windows)
    Push User Mode MIDI Preferences (macOS)Push2UserPort.png

Custom MIDI Mapping

Once configured, you can manually MIDI-map most functions in Live, using Push's interface elements. Note that Push's display will not show feedback when creating custom MIDI mappings in User Mode.


  • All buttons (not the 8x8 pad grid) send momentary Control Change messages. This means each button sends a unique value between 0 and 127, and cannot be used to "toggle" parameters in Live.
  • The User button can't be mapped, as this would make it impossible to leave User Mode.


  • Touching the top of an encoder will send a MIDI Note, while turning the encoder will transmit a Control Change message (both can be mapped separately).
  • When mapping an encoder, set the Mapping Mode to Relative (lin 2's Comp.) in the Status Bar at the bottom of Live's main window, as pictured below:



  • Push 1 and Push 2 pads send Note messages.
  • To use Push 3 pads as a remote control for buttons or clips in User Mode, first enter Control Mode and set Push’s Expression Mode to either Poly Aftertouch or Mono Aftertouch, before entering User Mode.

Touch strip

  • The touch strip can be mapped, but it will continue to send Pitch Bend information simultaneously.

The article Push: Playing Hardware Instruments includes more information on controlling external hardware with Push.

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