Push FAQs

How do I get a bundle pricing for Push, including upgrades?

To get a personalized price for Ableton Push, please log in to your account, and visit the Push page.

Is there an educational discount available for Push?

We do not currently offer educational pricing for hardware. 

What’s the best way to clean Push 1?

Please see this article.

Do you have info on buying and selling Push second-hand?

Push licenses can be resold and the seller must contact us to process a license transfer of the serial to the new user. More details are in this article.

Where can I find resources to help me learn Push 1?

We have some dedicated video guides as well as our online Manual. 

Why won’t Push 1 connect when I start Live?

Please see this article. 

How can I update Push 1´s Firmware?

Please see this article. 

Why Can't I See Certain Files when Browsing with Push 1?

Please see this article. 

How can I create custom midi mappings with Push 1?

Please see this article. 

Can I use third party plugins with Push 1?

Yes, please see this article. 

What can the ‘Shift’ button do on Push 1?

Quite a lot. Please see this article. 

Can I use more than one Push at the same time?

Sure, please see this article. 

What is the best way to use a foot pedal with Push?

Please see this article. 

Is it possible to slice samples with Push 1?

At the moment it is not possible to slice samples with Push 1.

Will Push work with other music software?

Push can also be used as a generic controller and can send basic MIDI information to other software, but you can only use the full features of Push as an instrument with Live 9.

Can I use with external synthesizers?

Yes, please use the External Instrument/Effect devices to send audio to an external synthesizer/effect and bring audio back into Live.

What can I do with the touch strip?

Since Live 9.2 the touch strip can be used as a Pitch Bend controller or a Modulation Wheel, for both normal MIDI input, as well as custom MIDI mappings. To toggle between the two modes you need to hold Push´s “Select” button and to touch the ribbon.

On drum tracks, you can also select Drum Rack banks with it.

How can access more steps in Drum Mode?

Since Live 9.2 you can access all 64 Drums Pads by pressing the ‘Note’ button once more.